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Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007

As part of the current Community Governance Review of Moulton parish, under the terms of reference published on 28 February 2014, the Community Governance Review Committee of Cheshire West and Chester Council has made the following final recommendations to be subject to a further final period of consultation prior to being agreed by Council:


  1.  the parish of Moulton should not be abolished and that its area should not be altered;
  2.  the name of the parish of Moulton should not be altered;
  3.  the parish should continue to have a parish council;
  4.  the parish council for Moulton consist of nine councillors; and
  5.  a Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council (Reorganisation of Community Governance) Order be prepared in accordance with the above recommendations and that the Order be effective from 1st April 2015 save for those recommendations relating to parish electoral arrangements which shall come into force on the ordinary day of election of councillors in 2015.

Reasons for the recommendation

To enable completion of the community governance review of Moulton parish in accordance with the timescales set within statutory guidance and in line with local preference; and to enable more effective governance arrangements which are proportionate to the size of the local electorate and reflect concerns previously expressed by the Parish Council.

The current total electorate for the area is 1932 based on the Register of Electors in force from 7th May 2014. This figure is expected to increase slightly to 1936 over the next five years as a result of planned development. Similar sized ungrouped parishes have Parish Councils of between nine and eleven seats.

Next steps

All residents and any other persons or organisations wishing to make representations on the draft recommendations may do so in writing to the Partnerships Team, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Goldsmith House, Hamilton Place, Chester, CH1 1SE. Alternatively, representations may be submitted by email to quoting ‘Community Governance Review – Moulton’ in the Subject field.

The deadline for receipt of comments is midnight on 28 September 2014.

Date of Publication: 12 September 2014


The Parish Council currently has three Vacancies to fill via co-option.

If you would like to express interest in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Parish Clerk either via e-mail to or by writing to Moulton Parish Council, 21 Linnet Close, Winsford CW7 3FA.

Response to Planning Application for up to 70 dwellings off Jack Lane Moulton

Clerk: Phil Sanders

21 Linnet Close
Tel: 01606 86174801606 861748

Ms C Coombs
Cheshire West and Chester Council
Development Management – Planning Service
Wyvern House
The Drumber

1 March 2014

Dear Ms Coombs,

PROPOSAL: Residential development for up to 70 dwellings and associated works.
LOCATION: Land off Jack Lane, Moulton

Your letter dated 12 February 2014 refers.

The Parish Council acknowledges the quality of the Application and feels that, in isolation, it has much to commend it.

However, we strongly feel that the Application needs to be considered in conjunction with 12/05668/OUT (148 homes off Barnside Way, Moulton) which was recently approved following Appeal.

Moulton is a cul-de-sac village with little in the way of amenities and an internal road system that dates back to post WW2 traffic volumes.

At present Moulton has c.1,050 homes and a population of ca 2,300. The addition of up to 218 more houses will increase the housing stock by 20% and the population likewise. Given the acknowledged lack of current amenities/services we feel that this is unsustainable.

We wish to draw attention to the following specific issues:-


Notwithstanding the comments of the Planning Appeal Inspector (re 12/05668/OUT), Moulton School is at capacity and, other than building upwards, there is no scope to extend the School on the present site. It is our understanding that other Primary Schools within 2/3 miles of the village are also at capacity. Where are these additional Children to be schooled?

Health Care Provision

Neither Moulton nor Davenham currently has a Surgery or Dental Practice – the nearest provision is in either Northwich or Winsford. We believe this to be unacceptable now, never mind following potential population increases of 20%.

We would also ask whether Hospital Bed Provision/Emergency Services are set to be enlarged to cope with the growing population in the Vale Royal area? The number of Planning Applications receiving approval in the locality makes this a very real issue, particularly with an aging population. The nearest main Hospital is 13 miles away.

Community Facilities

Whilst Moulton has a Village Hall, it is dated and not suitable for a wide array of users. A new building of some sort is essential if Community Groups are to continue to flourish within the village. This is particularly so if the village population is set to increase dramatically in the coming years.

The Playing Fields in the centre of the village are restricted, by Covenant, to use by Children only. This results in there being no recreational facilities for Adults within the village. Again, with an increasing population this is not desirable. S.106 monies are only of use if there is land to use – currently there is not (see later comments).

Turning to Planning Related Issues we make the following comments:-

Traffic Volumes

The fact that the proposed development is, in effect, a cul-de-sac probably mitigates against further problems within the village centre.

However, the mini-roundabout at the junction of Jack Lane and Main Road will undoubtedly require upgrade to handle increased volumes. Sight lines in particular will need addressing to assuage safety concerns.

Furthermore, the junction of Jack Lane and the A533 is an acknowledged danger area. The possibility of increased traffic volumes turning onto the A533 causes concern. Maybe traffic controls at peak times would be a prudent way forward?

The close proximity of the Salt Mine Entrance to the site – 200 yards to the south – should also be considered. HGVs regularly access the site from Jack Lane.

Site Drainage

As with most parts of Moulton the land in question is regularly subject to flooding. Drainage on the site will therefore be key and we ask that the Environment Agency and United Utilities undertake a detailed overview (not desk-top) of the site at the earliest opportunity.

Village Footprint

As with the site of Application 12/05668/OUT, this proposed development would be outside of the village core and would see the nuclear centre reach out towards neighbouring settlements. This is contrary to the Policies set out in the Moulton Village Design Statement (Adopted) and the Vale Royal Local Plan.

The Parish Council, and local Residents, has no wish to see Moulton become a part of a larger conurbation.

We are also concerned that approval for this site would set a precedent for further building in the vicinity.  Given the above comments the Parish Council objects to the Application.

The Parish Council has met with Agents for the Applicant and outlined the above issues, which are acknowledged. The Applicant has indicated a desire to work with the Parish Council in the creation of recreational land for adult use (in lieu of s.106 funds). This move is much appreciated and would go some way to alleviating our concerns regarding recreational facilities.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Parish Clerk

House Burglaries


There has been an increase in house burglaries in the area during the past 4 weeks. Cheshire Police has increased patrols in the areas with uniformed and plain clothed police officers; however we are asking members of the public to be extra vigilant.

These offences are primarily committed between the hours of 4pm and 8pm just as it becomes dark. The offenders seem to target houses that appear unoccupied or where there is no obvious activity of anybody present.

There are some measures that you can take which will significantly reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of burglary.

  •  Install timer switches for your lights or alternatively leave a couple of lights on if your house is unoccupied during these times, or if you are likely to arrive home around this time after dark.
  •  Ensure that all doors and windows are locked and secured before you leave the house.
  •  Cash and jewellery is being targeted by the offenders so do not leave large quantities of cash in the house. Remove high value and sentimental items of jewellery from the usual storage places such as jewellery boxes and bedroom cupboards.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT that any suspicious incident is reported to the police AS IT IS HAPPENING.

Should you see anything in your area such as a car or a person looking out of place or behaving suspiciously and this causes you concern, don’t wait, PLEASE report this to the police immediately on 999.

You can report general information by calling the Cheshire Police non emergency number 101 or via your local Neighbourhood twitter site:






 ***Please note, do not report crime on twitter, call 101 for non emergencies and 999 for emergencies.

Cheshire West and Chester Council promotes cheaper energy for homes

CWaC has joined forces with 11 councils across the UK to create a Collective Energy Scheme, where residents are able to combine their purchasing power and bulk-buy their energy as a group, enabling them to negotiate with providers for cheaper energy bills.

The collective switching scheme will work by means of a reverse auction where energy suppliers will be invited to bid the lowest price to supply energy to all those signed up for the scheme.

For further details and to express interest go to


The Working Group will hold its’ first Meeting on Wednesday 3 July 2013 in the Village Hall (Main Hall), commencing at 8.15pm.

Anyone with an interest in helping to shape the future of the Village is welcome to attend.

If you have already expressed an interest in being a  Member of the Group you will shortly receive a personal letter confirming the date, time and venue.

This first Meeting will look at which key areas/items should be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.


Moulton Parish Council is delighted to again promote the Citizenship Awards for 2013.

There are two categories of Award.

The Individual Award. This is for the individual who has consistently worked for the community and/or individuals within the community, often giving up much of their own time in support of others/organisations. The Winner will receive a permanent Trophy and will be able to donate £50 to the Charity of their choice.

The Community Group Award is designed to reward those Organisations who provide services/attractions/support for members of the Moulton Community. The Winning Organisation will receive a newly commissioned, and suitably engraved, Shield to display for a year and a Donation of £100 to the organisations’ funds.

For each Award the Individual or Community Group must be based in Moulton.

Nomination Forms can be downloaded from the links below. Please send completed forms to The Parish Clerk, 21 Linnet Close, Winsford CW7 3FA, or submit via e-mail to by  no later than 30 September 2013.

The Parish Council will review all nominations when it meets in October and chose the two category winners. The Prizes will be presented prior to the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 11 November 2013.

For further details & download application forms go to

Grant Aid to Village Organisations

The Parish Council awards grants to organisations within the Parish. Applications are only considered on an annual basis and only in exceptional circumstances to non-village organisations. If a grant is awarded it is paid towards the end of the year. Applications must be received by 30 September 2013.

Organisations who wish to be considered for a grant must provide evidence of ‘self-help’. In other words we will not provide money to an organisation that does not generate its own funds as well, for example through a membership fee or other fund raising activities. Further, an organisation based inside the Parish that has a large number of members who live outside the Parish may not be considered as high a priority as an organisation whose members are wholly within the Parish.

Full details and application forms are available from the Council Website at

Computer Software Scam

 Community Policing

A warning has been issued to computer users following reports of Malware (malicious software) scams circulating the internet purporting to be from law enforcement agencies.

 This specific type of malware locks screens and requests members of the public to pay a fine to get their computers unlocked. The malware infects personal computers after users have accessed certain websites. (It should be noted that there are several similar designs currently in circulation).

 Officers from the MET Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) are working with international law enforcement agencies to investigate this offence. (There are similar scams involving Microsoft and performing rights bodies).

 PCeU have liaised with all other UK forces to make them aware of the malware and steps to take. Action Fraud are also aware and have issued advice to the public. This is a fraud and users are advised NOT to pay out any monies or hand out any bank details.

 Cheshire Police would never contact members of the public via email and demand funds in this way.

We would advise anyone who has been deceived by such a message and parted with any money to report the offence to their local police by dialing 101.

 Virus/Malware infections where no money has been lost can be reported to:-